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   DANCING INSIDE THE MUSIC with Jonatan Gomes Derbaq and Deniz

                                      Saturday July 26, 2014

Two Workshops plus an Evening of Live Music & Dance brought to you by the Indiana State Association of Middle Eastern Teachers & Dancers, Inc. (ISAMETD), a not-for-profit educational association promoting the art of Middle Eastern Dance since 1975!

Brazilian/American Oudist and Arabic Percussionist, JONATAN DERBAQ was born into a musical family where he grew up playing a number of stringed instruments and percussion since childhood, but it was upon a journey to discover more distant roots where he was introduced to the vast and colourful world of Middle-Eastern Music. It soon became a strong passion and through study and appreciation, his profound respect for the diverse array of Middle-Eastern music, language and culture has led him to work with an extensive number of musicians and dancers. Consistently striving to refine skill and enrich the artistic spirit, Jonatan maintains a steady routine of practice and academic study while seeking counsel wherever available. He has had the honour of receiving instruction from great and well known artists such as Husain Sabsaby, Youssef K.Boutros, Hossam Ramzy, Maurice Rouman Sadak and Karim Nagi.

In 2010, Jonatan began collaboration with Seattle based Egyptian percussion master, George Sadak. The duo travels regularly within the United States where they teach workshops for Musicians and Dancers and perform in the group Mazaag. In early 2013 Mazaag released its first full length album. Jonatan currently resides in Memphis, Tn. where he performs for diverse audiences and works as an instructor of musical and rhythmic comprehension for both dancers and musicians.

DENIZ has studied, performed, and taught oriental dance for over 20 years, and has a background in Ballet and Modern Dance as well. An expert in Turkish, Lebanese, Egyptian, and American Caberet styles, she is also versed in some folk dance styles from those countries.
Deniz teaches Oriental dance at Sinclair College in Dayton, has taught in Turkey, and does workshops all over the US.

Her skills extend to choreography and performance that has been featured in Sinclair Dance Department concerts, as well as private productions by the Quagmire Dance Company, and Sandstorm Productions in Dayton Ohio.

As performing is the key to understanding an art fully, Deniz has performed for Turkish, Greek and Arabic audiences throughout the United States, in dinner theaters as well as private ethnic functions like festivals, weddings and other celebrations.

She has performed with the noted middle eastern musicians Hakan Kaya, Karim Nagi, John Bilezikjian, and Omar Faruk Tekbilek. One of her most cherished performance experiences was being the feature entertainer at a private gathering in Istanbul, Turkey.

9-10 a.m. Shopping and registration
10 a.m.-noon Be the Maqam
noon-1:30 p.m. Lunch and shopping
1:30-3:30 p.m. Musicality for Dancers
3:30 p.m. Show organizer's meeting with performers
7:00 p.m. Doors open
7:30 p.m. Show

Early Bird
Morning workshop $45
Afternoon workshop $45
Both workshops $85
After July 12: each workshop $50; both $95

Early Bird
Morning workshop $50
Afternoon workshop $50
Both workshops $95
After July 12: each workshop $55; both $105

Show: $10

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION (until July 12) is now available in the ISAMETD store:

PERFORMERS -- If you are a listed performer or would like to be a listed performer at the July 26th show, please contact Kat Lebo at -- here is great news.  If you would like to dance to live music, here is list of songs Jonatan would play for your dancing. Contact me and I can pass your choice along to Jonatan. I will attempt to keep this list updated, so you know what pieces have already been chosen. You can contact me at   

The list is growing shorter!  If you want to perform at the show, the slots are filling up and the live music selections are disappearing.  Contact Kat soon!

Lissa Fakr
3al 3ein Mulayateen
Ana Kol MaAgoul AlTouba
Aghadan Alqak
Salouni Alnas (possibly)
Zeina (possibly)
Improvisational Tabla Solo and Taqasim available as an option as well...


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