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Editor’s Note

Here we are, staring Winter in the face!  So far it hasn’t been too bad, but we’ll see if our March-April issue sees us surviving a mild Indiana winter. 

The Newsletter Blog is now on track to produce 6 issues per year, with publishing happening during the first week of the first month of each bi-monthly issue, or:  January-February, March-April, May-June, July-August, September-October, November-December.  Deadlines for submissions of articles, photos, videos, recipes, member news, etc. will be the last day of the month before publication.   

Because it’s been a holiday season and all of us have been very busy, I didn’t receive much content from many of you.  Thanks to those who did contribute.  The newsletter is best when it showcases us all!

Our focus for this issue will be the Winter Bazaar, coming up on Saturday, January 19, 2019, at the Murat Theater in Indianapolis, Indiana.  See information on the Facebook event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/279245859294894/) and below. 

And gather your news and articles and photos and videos and SUBMIT before the deadline for submissions to the March-April Newsletter Blog (Feb.28, 2019)!

                                                                                    Kat Lebo, INBC Newsletter Blog Editor



January 19, 2019

Murat Shrine Temple,  510 N New Jersey St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Come join members of the Indiana Bellydance Collective at their annual Winter Bazaar for a full day of classes, shows, networking, shopping, and fun. The Indiana BellyDance Collective (formerly ISAMETD) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educational belly dance! See below for the day’s schedule, plus a description of the workshops. 

8:00-8:30 Set Up
8:30-9:00 Registration opens
9:00-10:00 Workshop A1 and B1
10:00-10:15 Break/Shopping
10:15-11:15 Workshop A2 and B2
11:15-11:30 Break/Shopping
11:30-12:00 Show 1
12:00-1:30 Lunch/Shopping
1:30-3:15 Workshop A3 and B3
3:15-3:30 Break/Shopping
3:30-4:00 Show 2
4:00-4:15 Break/Shopping
4:15-5:15 Workshop A4 and B4
5:15-5:30 Break/Shopping
5:30-6:00 Show 3


Workshop A1: Middle Eastern Drum Circle
Teachers: Adam Riviere, Andy Smith
Bring your doumbek, riq, frame drum, or zils and join us for a fun, low-key, percussion jam session. You are welcome to participate even if you’ve never played a drum before! We will be coaching you through some of the most popular Middle Eastern rhythms. A few drums will be available to borrow.

Workshop B1: Circle Skirts: There’s Math For That
Teachers: Bonnie Dieter and Debbie Eriksen
Cut circle skirts with confidence! One to 6 panels, cut to avoid bulk at the waistband. And most of the math is in the handout.

Workshop A2: Fusion Favorites
Teacher: Anna Ruble
Crisp hip work, intricate chest isolations, slinky slides, and striking spins, these are a few of my favorite fusion things! Let’s break down the technique behind some quintessential fusion movements and learn a short combo to tie it all together.

Workshop B2: Solos and Rhythms to Make People Rak
Teacher: Adam Riviere
Learn advanced rhythms and techniques for added color to your darbuka, riq, and tar playing, such as Turkish split hand and quick ka double hits, to inspire people to dance, and to boost creativity working with belly dancers or performing solo!

Workshop A3: Seamless Collaboration
Teachers: Jeana Jorgensen, Adam Riviere
As belly dancers it is always a delight to get to work with live musicians. But how do we make the collaboration as seamless as possible? In this workshop, FatChance BellyDance Sister Studio Jeana Jorgensen and classically trained percussionist Adam Riviere present their method for getting dancers and drummers to “talk” to each other during an improv set using both verbal and nonverbal cues. This method was created with American Tribal Style® Belly Dance in mind, but it can be adapted for any type of dance. Dancers of all levels welcome (musicians too – we will put you to work!).

Workshop B3: Tamly Mak: Choreography
Teachers: Bonnie Dieter an Debbie Eriksen
Bonnie and Debbie present this Spanish inspired routine. Focus is on subtle power, in both movement and stage presence.



DONNA CARLTON BARBRICK submitted the following reports on events she has participated in and/or produced over the last couple of months:

Evening of Doum III, an underground bellydance showcase, took place at Playground Productions this past November 10. Among the various performers affiliated with IBC were Indy Tribal, Dark Side Tribal, Troupe Mandali, and Jeana Jorgensen. Pauline Shypula organized the event. Pictured here: Indy Raq members Andy Smith, Victor Santoro, Donna Carlton and Adam Riviere. Photo credit: Pauline Shypula.

Laci (Samira) donned a shamadan she inherited from Penny Goody this past year when she appeared at Donna’s Raks Party 2018 in Bloomington, Indiana, this past December 2.  Donna Carlton has presented dance programs in Bloomington, Indiana, every year since 1989. Here she is with special guests Amara and Samira at Raks Party 2018 event held December 2.  Photo credit: Derek Johnson. 

Donna and Tom were recent guests in the home of legendary dancer/musician Aida al Adawi.  Donna provides us with a link to a short video she took of Aida playing “Jamila” cymbals that are specially produced for Suhaila Salimpour by Turquoise International. The Jamila cymbals are four inches in diameter and have a deeper tone but have been noted as still being “nice and light.”. https://youtu.be/j40ddei3uE4  Also included is a photo of the style of zils Aida is playing (photo from the Suhaila Salimpour website).  Aida’s website is www.aidaofsanfrancisco.com



Kat Lebo’s Bare Bones Belly Dance program a West Lafayette Parks and Recreation offering since 1995, is moving locations.  Because the Parks facility, Morton Community Center, is undergoing major renovation over the next couple of years, all of the Morton/Parks & Rec classes are moving to the now vacated Happy Hollow Elementary Building at 1200 N. Salisbury Street in West Lafayette.  As of the week of January 14th, Bare Bones Belly Dance will be open for business at the new location.  Beginner, multi-level, intermediate and advanced dance classes Contact Kat Lebo at katlebo@aol.com or on Facebook for more information on costs and how to register.   Beginning drum instruction if interest allows.


Phoenix Spring Phling Workshop and Hafla!  Join Phoenix Bellydance of Evansville for a drumming workshop with Adam Riviere on April 20, 2019 beginning at 1:00 p.m!  The cost will be $30 per person upon entering the workshop. Bring your drums and zills; if you don’t have a drum, Adam will have a few on hand to share. A relaxed hafla will follow in the evening. Address:  2567 Warrenton Rd, Haubstadt, IN 47639. Find the details here!  https://www.facebook.com/events/445221679342257/ 



By Kat Lebo

Disclaimer:  NOTHING replaces an in-person instructor. 

So far we’ve looked at websites that are informative, offer newletters, or youtube videos for dancers at multiple levels.  Now this month, we’ll look at dancers who offer classes online in a variety of methods.  Some are live by Skype or Facetime, some are live streaming, some offer video critiques.  So many ways to learn! 

First let’s look at a list of dancers who offer classes by Skype.  Some are well known worldwide, like Ansuya, Dahlena, Amanda Rose, and Princess Farhana, and some are known locally or are known worldwide on the strength of their online presence.  Here we go dancers – I do not offer any judgements on the style or technique.  Again, Y.O.U. are responsible for your choices. 


Karen Barbee:  http://www.karavansa.com/skype-private-belly-dance-lessons

Karen is a Texas dancer who is well known in the U.S.

Henna:  https://hennadances.com/product/private-studio-lesson/

Ansuya:  https://www.ansuya.com/skype-coaching.html 

I can’t imagine many dancers not knowing who this second generation dancer is!

Tevac (Turkish style):  https://www.tevecdance.com/private-classes.html

Mahtab:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTMTpD_TR1g

Abigail Keyes:  http://www.akeyesdance.com/instruction/private-instruction/

Fleur Estelle:  https://www.fleurestelle.com/belly-skype/

Leilah:  https://www.leilahbellydancer.com/classes-and-workouts/

Amanda Rose:  http://amandarosedance.com/privatelessonsfull/

Amanda Rose is one of the dancers well known in the U.S. and beyond in today’s BD marketplace!

Amartia:  https://amartiabellydance.com/bellydance-lessons-online/

FatChanceBellyDance:  https://fcbd.com/sf-bay-area-classes/skype-lessons-and-on-line-classes/ (skype or facetime)

This is the only link that popped up for Skype/Facetime lessons in the style of American Tribal.  However, isn’t it nice that this is the original!

Chose from multiple U.K. dance instructors here:  https://www.superprof.co.uk/lessons/belly-dancing/united-kingdom/

If you are interested in having a choice of dancers, this United Kingdom site offers that. 

Princess Farhana:  http://www.princessfarhana.com/classes.htm

Princess Farhana is well known worldwide for both Middle Eastern dance and for Burlesque.

Kawakib:  http://www.kawakib.com/online-classes.html 

Anthea is another well-known American dancer.  She excels at playing sagat/zils!

LA Bellydance Academy:  http://labellydanceacademy.com/schedule/private-lessons/

Here’s a California studio that offers a selection of instructors.

Mariella’s:  https://usbellydancingclas.blogspot.com/2019/01/learn-belly-dancing-from-home-with-over.html 

Tava:  https://bellydancebytava.com/learn-bellydance-online/

Melissa:  http://melissabellydance.com/skype-or-facebook-lessons-with-melissa/

Yallar Dance Studio:  http://yallar.co.uk/en/skype-belly-dance-classes/ 

Greenstone Belly Dance:  https://greenstonebellydance.com/private-online-lessons/

Virginia of Miami:  https://www.bellydancebyvirginia.com/classes  (says Skype coming soon)

Virgina is well-known worldwide on the belly dance seminar circuit. 

Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour formats:  https://www.salimpourschool.com/online-belly-dance-certification/ 

Again, I can’t imagine any belly dancer who has been around longer than a few months who hasn’t heard of the three-generation Salimpours.  Even though Jamila is no longer with us, her format will go on!

Nissa:  https://www.bellydancewithnisaa.com/classes.html 

Kamilah:  http://www.kamilahbellydance.com/online-classes/ 

Stacey Lizette:  https://staceylizette.com/private-lessons/

Aslahan:  http://www.aslahan.com/classes.html 

Sahira:  http://sahira.cc/classes-workshops/ 

You saw Sahira in the article on youtube videos.  This pleasant Australian dancer also offers Skype lessons.

Dahlena Genova:  http://www.dahlena.com/SKYPE-Lessons.html 

Another legend of American belly dance who should be well known to all belly dancers of every style. 

NOTE:  I know that Uza of New York offers Skype classes, but I couldn’t find contact information for her online.  She teaches Kawliya (Iraqi) style dance.  I might be able to get her information from one of her students that I know, so if you are interested, let me know. 


A couple of these are literal online channels that offer anytime access to a wide variety of online learning resources, while others only offer classes in their own programs. 

PowHow:  https://usbellydancingclas.blogspot.com/2019/01/learn-belly-dancing-from-home-with-over.html

This is one of the sites with any-time access to videos and classes by a wide array of instructors.

Aziza Online Classes:  http://www.azizashop.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=7 This is the site of the Candian (nee American) dancer, Aziza. 

Coco’s Essence of Belly Dance:  https://essencebellydance.com/en/tutorials

This is also the site of a single dance instructor. 

Datura:  https://daturaonline.com/

Like PowHow, Datura is a site that offers any-time access to a wife variety of instructors.

Sadie:  http://www.sadiebellydancer.com/online-classes/ 

This is the site of the well-known dancer, Sadie Marquardt.   


A video critique site means you film yourself dancing and send it to the instructor, who watches it and returns a critique of it to you.  In some cases it might be just a random clip of yourself dancing.  In other cases, the instructor may give you a specific combination or set of individual movements or a specific style of dance to film and send for critique. 

Nadira Jamal:  http://nadirajamal.com/teaching.html#critique


Again, I don’t want to leave our musician members out of the loop, so here are some sites that offer Skype or streaming lessons for doumbek and oud. 

Fingers of Fury’s Matt Stonehouse offers skype lessons on a variety of drums (not just Middle Eastern) here:  https://fingersoffury.com.au/darbuka-doumbek-lesson-over-skype.html

Leo Shimizu offers Skype lessons on doumbek through the nasehpour site:  http://www.nasehpour.com/tonbak/learn-how-to-play-the-doumbek-via-skype-lessons.html

And, drummers can check out this site for a Skype instructor:  https://www.superprof.us/collective-and-individual-courses-darbuka-the-region-thionville-metz-and-luxembourg.html 

Yshai Afterman offers online classes by Skype in darbukka, riqq, bendir, and tar here:  https://www.yshaiafterman.com/skype-lessons

And Raquy offers Skype lessons through her website:  http://raquy.com/private-lessons/ 

George Sadak offers Skype drumming lessons here:  http://www.georgesadak.com/classes.html

Tom Teasley offers Skype classes on many different types of drums, including Middle Eastern.  https://www.tomteasley.com/study-tom/private-lessons/

Tareq Rantisi is a world percussionist who offers Skype lessons here:  http://tareqrantisi.com/teaching/ 

Wassim Najim offers Skype or Whatsapp or Messenger video conferencing lessons for Oud.

Ramy Adly offers Skype for oud here:  https://ramyadly.com/school-of-oud/  and here:  https://schoolofoudonline.com/ 

Learn live via Skype from Hassan Yousri in Cairo:  http://oud.weebly.com/ 

Zeynel Demirtas offers Skype lessons in Turkish oud playing here:  http://www.zeyneldemirtas.com.tr/?fbclid=IwAR3hE642bHN_Z6q-VHrHgLvaxcHUGJddDWDW95ceeXVggU1LKuK8MEvLZ5k 

More Turkish style oud playing from Mavrothi Kontanis here: 


In all, I found it incredibly easy to find some sort of streaming lessons – whether by fixed recording or by Skype, Facetime, or other live video chatting service – with just a simple internet search. 

Go forth and learn!


Deadline for submission for the March-April 2019 Newsletter Blog is February 28th!

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