Summer Carnival 2017

Indiana Belly Dance Collective 2017 Summer Carnival

The first annual INBDC Summer Carnival will be held in Muncie, Indiana, at Cornerstone Center for the Arts this August. We are taking over the third floor of the building for our activities for the day.

The Indiana Bellydance Collective will be creating a carnival atmosphere for our first annual fundraising event. All participants will purchase a bracelet at the door for access to the event. $10 for members and $15 for non-members. This bracelet provides access to the vending room, swap and shop, and your access to the showcase at the end of the event. No workshops or other activities are included in the bracelet price. You may also buy just a show ticket for $7 (all ages who need a chair). The show will begin at 4:30pm and end at 6pm.

Once inside the Summer Carnival you can make your way to the ticket booth to purchase tickets for workshops and other carnival attractions at $1 per ticket (or special $5 tickets). Each workshop and activity will cost a set number of tickets once in the door–there will be a menu. There will be 30 minutes and 60 minute workshops (both dance and drum/other instruments). There will be tarot readings, henna, and many carnival games with a belly dance theme to choose from. Attend only what you want to do OR as much as you can fit in!

We are seeking to book food trucks for our lunch to complete the carnival atmosphere and environment.

All bracelet and ticket sales will be at the door.

Final Schedule:
Workshop Descriptions:
Workshop 1: Connecting Through Dance–Jeana Jorgensen
When we dance we connect to various parts of our inner landscape, as well as the people around us. In this workshop, we’ll explore facets of connection using partnered exercises, metaphors, and more. Accessible to dancers of all styles and experience levels. (one hour)

Workshop 2A: ATS Basics–Virginia Hojas
American Tribal Style®, or ATS®, is an improvisational style of belly dance created by Carolena Nericcio, director of Fat Chance Belly Dance®, in San Francisco, CA. In this workshop, we will work on posture and will learn and drill steps from the basic fast and slow vocabulary while focusing on technique. Whether you are completely new to ATS or want to brush up on your basics and refine your skills, this class is for you! (one hour)

Workshop 2B: Doumbek 101–Andy Smith
Attendees will receive an introduction to playing the classic Middle Eastern drum, the doumbek (also called darbuka or Arabic tabla). Topics covered will include posture and holding the drum, playing the 3 basic strokes, and how to play several popular Middle Eastern rhythms. The class will also be taught a short composition. There will be a few drums available to borrow, but please bring your own drum if you have one. (one hour)

Workshop 3A: Dazzling Double Veil–Telzey Hoke
From beginners to advanced, learn tips and trick to make your double veil work spectacular. Half circles preferred can use rectangles, some loners available. (one hour)

Workshop 3B: Nemesis: Eyelashes–Liz Carr-Wray
Defeat your enemy eyelashes by making them your friend. Bring a pair and we will practice putting them on. Tips and tricks from someone who wears them every weekend. (30 minutes)

Workshop 4: Shimmy Secrets with Zhenna–Jenny Smithson
How do you get beautiful, consistent, and fast shimmies and shimmy walks? Let me tell you a secret…come closer…not here! In this class Zhenna shares her technique tricks with you. (30 minutes)

Workshop 5A: Fun & Games with Belly Dance–Jeana Jorgenson
Belly dance isn’t all fun and games…except for when it is! In this workshop we’ll play improvisational games to get us out of our heads and into our bodies. Any belly dance style and experience level is welcome, just make sure you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone and maybe get a little silly! (30 minutes)

Workshop 5B: Intro to Riq–Andy Smith
The riq, or Middle Eastern tambourine, is one of the oldest instruments still being playing today. Riq is the lead (or sometimes only) percussion instrument included in classic Arabic music ensembles. Attendees will receive an introduction to playing this ancient instrument including holding the instrument in “cabaret” position and playing various strokes. We will also discuss ways in which the riq can be incorporated into a larger Middle Eastern rhythm section. (30 minutes)

Workshop 6A: Habibi with Saidi Flavor: Nymeria bint Asya
A cute little Choreo to Habibi Ya Elni with some cute Saidi references! All Levels welcome! (one hour)

Workshop 6B: How to Be a Doumbek Ninja–Andy Smith
Have you mastered the basic doumbek strokes? If so, you may be ready to become a doumbek ninja. Attendees in this class will be taught some advanced techniques such as the advanced “ka”, 3 types of slaps, finger rolls, and different types of rolls and how to practice them. We will also cover different ways of using advanced techniques to fill and embellish rhythms. (one hour)

Contact Lisa Warner ( for vending spots–new items only. $25 per table needed.

For used items for the swap and shop, we will use Liz’s 3 tag system and all who want to participate are required to use this system. No charge for swap and shop, but you must follow the guidelines which Liz will posts in the comments/discussion below. The amazing Randy Wray will be the keeper of the swap and shop again.

Volunteers please fill out this google form with your volunteer preferences to be given a spot to help. Those who volunteer are eligible to be reimbursed their bracelet fee ($10) after working two hours.

Door prizes available.

Remember that membership is only $24 per year so you can member pricing these events. If you are new member and purchase your membership that day–you pay no bracelet fee at the door.