• Q. Do you have to be a member to apply to perform/vend/teach a workshop? A. No you do not, but it is preferred since we have a limit of non-members being able to attend/participate at our functions of 2 times. The Spring Bazaar has been traditionally a members showcase within a convention style. We have had some more popular and well known artist/teacher attend, but we would like to see our community grow. It is easy to sign up. The membership is annual with it expiring 1 year to the date you pay. Sign up and learn more about it here: Membership Benefits
  • Q. When will pre-registration for the classes/workshops and online vendors market be open? A. We will have classes/ workshops and vending information available in March 2021 after we have all the participant applications submitted.
  • Q. If I have attended 2 of the INBC events in the past without being a member, do I have to pay the $35 to participate or attend? A. Yes, you would have to pay the $35 to participate or attend, unless you sign up to be a member which is much cheaper at $24 per year.
  • Q. What if I cannot attend the convention and I pay the $35. Will I be able to get a refund? A. We hope you would be able to attend the Spring Bazaar as it will be a fun filled time, but we understand things happen. At this time, there will not be any refunds given unless we cancel the event. Membership with us is always non-refundable.
  • Q.Will the workshops/ classes be recorded? A. The workshops/ classes will be live on our streaming platforms as well as our vendors. We will not be recording for later viewing. The Members Showcases will be pre-recorded and available on our social media outlets on a later date.
  • Q. Do I have to live in Indiana to be a member? A. We have members from all over the US. You don’t have to be a resident of Indiana to join us.