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Join the Indiana Bellydance Collective, an exclusive belly dance community based in Indiana.

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Become an INBC Member

Join the Indiana Bellydance Collective, an exclusive belly dance community based in Indiana.

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Indiana Bellydance Collective, a Members Belly Dance Community Based in Indiana

Would you like to become a member of a supportive, encouraging and dedicated belly dance community? If yes, you have found your niche with the Indiana Bellydance Collective (INBC). As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity since 1978, INBC is a member-operated exclusive belly dance community based in Indianapolis, Indiana with members through the Midwest region in Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and open to new members all over the U.S. and afar.

Our belly dance community at INBC dedicates and volunteers our time to our organization and members year round. We strive in creating a pathway for our members to pay homage to the arts, hone your craft, perform your dance & music in front of an attentive, diverse audience, partake in classes, workshops & seminars with some of the best performers in the world, and in turn educate the public of INBC’s mission. 

We encourage first time visitors, professional dancers, musicians, and those with an interest in belly dancing and Middle Eastern style music to visit an INBC event such as one of our bi-annual events, the Spring Bazaar or Fall Carnival. We invite you to engross yourself into the cultures and styles of dance and music; witness the camaraderie and professionalism of our performing members; and interact with the belly dancers and musicians. 

After you have been exposed to our belly dance community in Indiana and beyond, we invite you to sign up to become a member in order to take full advantage of the benefits and resources associated with an INBC membership and begin your journey into immersing yourself into two of the oldest art forms in the world, dance and music.

Who Can Become a Member of INBC?

INBC welcomes new members from all over the U.S. We feature a wide variety of members in our belly dance community, including

  • Dance & music enthusiasts
  • Professional belly dancers & musicians
  • Dance & music instructors/educators
  • All levels of dance & music students
  • Businesses 
  • Photographers 
  • Costumers
  • Vendors

Dance Styles

INBC celebrates all styles of belly dance, not favoring one particular style. Our belly dance community varies in styles from traditional to non-traditional belly dance, including but not limited to:

  • Egyptian styles
  • Turkish styles
  • Tribal Fusion styles (FCBD®, ATS®/ITS, Fly Fusion®, Datura Style™, DanceCraft)
  • Orientale styles
  • Cabaret styles

Music Styles

INBC also invites musicians of all levels to join as a member. Our musician members play many different styles of music, from classical to contemporary including such styles/cultures as:

  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Moroccan
  • Egyptian
  • Greek
  • Sephardic/Ladino

Why Should I Become a Member?

Aside from the perks of being a part of a tight knit belly dance community and sharing your interest with like-minded individuals, there are so many more awesome benefits of being an INBC Member!

  • Access to internationally renowned teachers, musicians, and performers via workshops and seminars
  • Free or discounted entrance to our major bi-annual events (shows, market, and workshops)
  • Eligibility for members-only scholarships or grants
  • Listing on our website in your profession as a performer, teacher, musician, costumer, or photographer
  • Subscription to the bi-monthly newsletter
  • Invitations to members-only haflas, concerts, and gatherings
  • Opportunity to perform in our shows and festivals
  • Networking with other students, teachers, musicians, and enthusiasts of belly dance
  • Directory of associated members offering services (e.g. vendors, musicians, and teachers)
  • Free video recordings of your performances at our events
  • Promotion of your classes and events via our website, social media sites, and newsletter
  • Access to our costume pattern library
  • Access to our video library of performances and instructional videos
  • Opportunity to apply to sell costumes and items at our events
  • Membership Card recognizing your dedication to the artistry and professionalism of belly dancing and Middle Eastern music

Become an INBC Member

Are You Ready to Become a Member!? Take the leap, you won't regret it!

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Hire a Professional Belly Dancer or Musician from Our Belly Dance Community Based in Indiana

Are you looking to make your next event memorable and entertaining, yet educational? Consider hiring from our belly dance community based in Indiana and beyond. We feature an array of professional belly dancers and musicians to perform or lead a class, workshop or seminar. We also feature vendor services; choose from our vendor directory or inquire about featuring an INBC educational booth at your event.

Indiana Bellydance Collective’s Notable Guests & Performers

Throughout the years, INBC has had the honor of working with world-renowned belly dancers, teachers and musicians. Click on each performer’s name to learn more about each performer and their background in the belly dance or music industry.

Morocco is one of American’s pioneers in modern belly dance and her historical research.

Morocco is one of American’s pioneers in modern belly dance and her historical research.

Zahra Zuhair is a modern Egyptian belly dancer from Los Angeles.

Lebanese Simon is a Lebanese belly dancer known for his Dabke & Oriental style belly dancing.

Katie Bhairavi leads the Colorado-based Darshan Dance Company, known for its fusion dancing and features some of the most notable names in the industry.

Kamala Almanzar is a world-renowned dancer and teacher who has performed in nightclubs, restaurants & hotels in many countries, most notably the large Arabic nightclubs in 1980’s Hollywood, London & Acapulco, where she performed nightly with Egyptian orchestras. Kamala was also a featured dancer in films and on TV shows in the 1970s and ‘80s. 

Phaedra Darwish has been performing and teaching workshops and classes in Chicago and throughout the US for the past 14 years, as well as producing and taking part in cultural events, community fundraisers, and dance festivals as both a musician and dancer. Through active engagement, maintaining a high standard of execution, and participation in quality programming, Phaedra hopes to spread enthusiasm and respect for Middle Eastern dance as more and more people get acquainted with its health benefits and enchanted by its beauty.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback, please contact an INBC Board Member. We are happy to help.