About Us

We are a group of belly dance performers, musicians, students and teachers in Indiana and surrounding areas. We are also a 501(c)3 non-profit charity. We:

  1. Organize and promote shows to display talents of our members
  2. Create and supervise classes to educate and train those interested in belly dance and related music
  3. Organize and promote educational seminars to gain historical perspective of belly dance/Middle-Eastern, North African, Turkish, and Hellenic (MENATH) dance and music

Our History

The Indiana Bellydance Collective was formed in 1978 as the Indiana State Association of Middle Eastern Teachers and Dancers, Inc. (ISAMETD) The collective is completely run by volunteer efforts of its members and officers.

Membership is open to anyone, and we welcome enthusiasts of all styles of belly dance and associated music! Also, if you would like to learn belly dancing or to play an instrument, find a member teacher near you on our Instructors Page.

However, if you are looking for a dancer, musician, or troupe to perform at your event or venue, please contact us and we can help with referrals until we can develop a Performers Directory.

Contact Us:

Officers 2020-2022

President: Angie Shaw

Treasurer: Paul Pogue

Secretary: Romana Bereneth

Newsletter Editor: Kat Lebo