Meet INBC's 2022-2024 Board of Directors

Learn more about each of our board members’ history and roles in the INBC. Please feel free to contact a board member should you have a question, concern, comment, or feedback. 

Katherine Jacobs


Katherine has been part of the belly dance community since 2011. It started with a 6-week class as a way to find some like minded women and to network in her community. That has grown into a serious hobby as she continues to dance as part of Phoenix Bellydance of Evansville. Within her dance troupe, she is the booking agent taking care of performance bookings. Katherine decided to run for President of INBC as she saw a need for leadership in the organization and felt she could contribute a strong foundation for a re-growth that will need to take place. Leadership is a strong part of what she does every day from Motherhood to Wife and into her career as a Quality Manager. She's taking all those life skills and now applying them to INBC. The future for INBC is very exciting.

Adam Riviere

Vice President
Adam has been studying music, particularly world music with a focus in percussion, for nearly three decades. He holds music degrees from Butler University and Indiana University. He is a professional musician and currently he performs solo, with the Middle Eastern style band Indy Raqs, as well as with various belly dancers and belly dance troupes all over Indiana, the US, and internationally. As the INBC Vice President, Adam hopes to work with the Collective and its members to help expand education and awareness in the arts throughout Indiana, the Midwest, and throughout the United States.

Paul F. P. Pogue


Paul F. P. Pogue has been involved with INBC as a photographer since 2010 and as a dancer since 2015. A lifelong fan of belly dance, he's worked with several local instructors and regularly performs shows as part of Mandali, the student troupe of Jeana Jorgensen. He has also studied Egyptian and cabaret styles with such instructors as Mechele Henderson and Kamala Almanzar, and occasionally performs as a solo artist in the style of the cinematic golden age of belly dance.


Public Relations Officer
April began her belly dance journey in 2013 when she found FCBD (ATS). Since then she's continued to learn, grow, and expand within FCBD (ATS), and into other belly dance styles. She now shares her love of belly dance through performing, teaching, and now representing our community of dancers through her role as Public Relations for INBC. Being elected to the INBC board combines her love of dance & the community of dancers with her love & experience of community organization. She's excited and proud to be given this opportunity to grow with this beautiful community of dancers.

Andrea Welsh

Andrea, dancer name Adira, started bellydancing in 2010 with her sister as a way to spend quality sister time together and to cross it off her bucket list. Little did she know at the time how that first 6 week class would spark a love of dance. Adira loves the glitter and glam of classical Egyptian and American Cabaret as well as folkloric Turkish and Egyptian dances. She is a member of Phoenix Bellydance of Evansville, an amazing group of women committed to learning and performing together. After several years as an INBC member, Adira is excited to be in the role of INBC Board Secertary as the organization continues to grow and change to meet the needs of its membership.

Melissa Parker

Newsletter Editor
Melissa Parker, dancer name Fadiyah, was first introduced to bellydance the summer of 2014 when her friend and fellow troupe mate, Andrea, invited her to a hafla. It wasn't until January of 2015 that she truly became intensely interested in bellydance, when she went with her now troupe mates to the then ISAMETD Winter Bazaar. That next month, she began studying with Laci Samira, and has been in love with bellydance and many of its styles ever since, including American Cabaret, Turkish Oriental, many folkloric dances, and, more recently, fusion bellydance. Melissa has been a part of the troupe Phoenix Bellydance of Evansville since its inception in the fall of 2015. She and her three troupemates perform at different festivals, workshops, and haflas around Indiana, but mostly in the greater Evansville area. In her non-dancer life, Melissa is married to her high school sweetheart and mother to two little boys, as well as teaches high school English as her day job. She is looking forward to helping keep the membership of the INBC up to date and informed of the goings-on around Indiana over the next two years.

Board of Directors Duties & Responsibilities

The INBC Board of Directors is comprised of elected volunteers who work as a team to plan INBC events, hold positions within the committees and teams, support our members by taking members requests, represent the members in meetings, answer members questions, and make sure the legacy of INBC continues on. Each position has general requirements and tasks.

Elections are held every 2 years where people can remain in the same position for up to 2 terms (4 years), but they have to run again when each term ends. If positions aren’t filled there can be moments when people fill those positions in the interim until another election takes place.

Click on a a position to learn the duties and responsibilities of that role.

The President oversees the other departments, runs the INBC Bi-Monthly Board Meetings with the Members, and is the tie breaker when it comes to voting. They are the highest level of all of the Directors. The President is also a member of the Scholarship and Grant Program Approval Team, and has access to information regarding the Collective's finances. There can only be one person in this position at a time.

Vice President(s) are responsible for membership and members renewals. They help keep track of who is active and not active people with events, are member(s) of the Scholarship and Grant Program Approval Team, and has access to information regarding the Collective's finances. The Vice President(s) can help with the other departments, and also stands in representation of the President when the President isn't available. There can be two people in this position at one time.

Public Relations Officer relates to the members of INBC, advertises, and keeps people informed of upcoming events. They are interactive by keeping the members engaged with the latest news within the community, and are a staple person in the pubic eye. This is one of the most active positions on the board as they will not only communicate across the various social media outlets, but is responsible for the publication of the INBC events. You can read more about this position in the Communities and Teams section under the Members' Area. This position can be one person, but we have broken it up into three sections if there are people with the right skills available.

Treasurer is responsible for managing the finance part of INBC. This includes but is not limited to the renewal of the business entity, filing of the businesses taxes, keeping track of the expense report for the Collective, and all other matters related to income. The Treasurer is also a member of the Scholarship and Grants Approval Team. Expenditures must be approved by the Treasurer for all INBC Events. There can be one person in this position at a time.

The Board Secretary keeps track of all notes in regards to the INBC Bi-Monthly Board Meetings with the Members. They must be able to keep accurate meeting minute details, and notes that are archived with the Board of Directors. They can belong to various teams and keep track of progress of teams/committee details if needed. There can be one person in this position at a time.

The Newsletter Editor is responsible for producing and writing the INBC Bi-Monthly Newsletter to our Members. This newsletter has been a part of INBC for several decades. Within the newsletter there are various articles, advertisements, and insights in the world of Middle Eastern Dance, Music, Culture, and aspects. Often there is spotlights on members and articles written by members, or board members whom have submitted something for the current issue. There can be one person in this position at a time, but they can get assistance from the members of the Marketing & Advertising Team (MAT) or members of the Board of Directors if needed.