Belly Dance & Music Instructors Available for Hire & INBC Services in Indiana & Surrounding States

The Indiana Belly Dance Collective, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity, offers its members and non-members an array of services and resources including a belly dance and music instructors directory as well as a directory for professional services and vendors. Our services are available to those located in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, as well as throughout the Midwest and U.S. Would you like to take classes or hire one of our dancers or musicians to perform and/or present at your next cultural event, such as a festival, educational center, etc.? Please check out the information below and look through out directories.

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  • Perform various dance and music styles/cultures on a stage or on site at your upcoming event

  • Appear at your school, university, community center, or other educational venue to discuss various cultures of dance and music
  • Interact with students/guests and allow attendees to play instruments and learn basic dance fundamentals

  • INBC officers and members interact with guests and audience at your upcoming event
  • Discuss various cultures, influences in the dance, fashion, and music

INBC’s Belly Dance & Music Instructors Directory

Within our directory, members and non-members have access to belly dance & music instructors located in Indiana, the Midwest and all across the U.S. Our dancers vary in style from Egyptian style belly dance to Tribal Fusion belly dance. Our musicians play many styles, from classical to contemporary, such as Arabic music, Middle Eastern music, and more.

INBC’s Professional Services & Vendor Directory

In addition to our belly dance and music instructors directory, we also offer a professional services directory and vendor directory available to members and non-members.

Professional Services

Some of our professional services include videography, photography, costuming, marketing services, audio engineer services, rehearsal rental space, venue rental space, and more.

Vendors & Vendor Booths

A variety of vendors can be hired to vend at your upcoming event. Some of the goods our vendors sell include Middle Eastern percussion instruments, clothing, costumes, and, more.

If you’d like to request an INBC educational booth at your upcoming event, please contact us.

INBC’s Annual Events

Each year, INBC holds two Middle Eastern dance and music events that are open to the public. We encourage everyone, members and non-members, to attend our events in order to learn more about MENAHT dance and music, partake in discussions, classes, & workshops, watch performances, meet performers, instructors, & presenters, shop from our vendors, and more! Click on an event to learn more!

The INBC Spring Bazaar is the larger of the two events.

Our Spring Bazaar features:

  • Instructor led presentations and lectures on topics such as dance, fashion, makeup, food, music, cultures that inspire and influence performers, modern culture, and continued traditional celebrations
  • Highly respected and acclaimed guest instructors/presenters 
  • Performances by acclaimed guests and members
  • Vendors of various goods and services 
  • Potluck food tables containing food from the MENAHT cultures

Learn more about the Spring Bazaar.

The Fall Carnival is a more intimate and low key experience, featuring:

  • Instructor led workshops in dance and music from the MENAHT cultures 
  • Performances by members and guests 
  • Vendors that supply goods or services 

Learn more about the Fall Carnival.

INBC’s Members Only Services & Resources

The following services and resources are only available to our active members. If you would like to take advantage of some our members-only perks, please sign up to become an INBC member.

Scholarship & Grant Program

Each calendar year, INBC allocates $500 to a scholarship and grant fund to help our members further their skills and knowledge in the MENAHT culture in music, dance, fashion, and more. These scholarships and funds are available to our active members that need a little extra help in their craft to stay focused/regain focus, increase networking, training, and learning opportunities. When we invest in our members, they share what they learn with other members and the general public, which aligns with our focus and mission here at INBC; to provide the community with resources and education pertaining to dance and music.

If you are interested in applying for the Scholarship & Grant Program, please make sure you are logged in and visit the Scholarship & Grant Program page, where you can learn more about the program and fill out an application.

Archive of Costumes, Jewelry & Pattern Library

Our members have access to an archive of rare, antique costuming and jewelry pieces. For those interested in creating your own pieces, you have access to a Pattern Library.

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