INBC's Scholarship & Grant Program

Each calendar year, INBC allocates $500 from purchased and renewed memberships. With this funding, we have created the Scholarship and Grant Program to help our active members in need. We want to help you stay focused, increase networking, training, and learning opportunities. Plus, put more value in your membership.

This may not seem like a lot, but it is a start. We will not borrow against any future years’ allocations. Any unused dividends roll over to the following year. As we move forward, allotted amounts may increase. If you’d like to donate to this program, please do so via the donate button below. From there, you can select the Scholarship and Grant Program in the drop down menu. Feel free to share the link with those you know!

We understand you put a lot of effort, work, and time into your craft. Opportunities to keep going sometimes cost money. If you are in need of assistance, we look forward to reviewing your application to see if we can help. Some scholarships and grants may only be available for limited times throughout a calendar year. Be sure to stay up to date with all that we do by checking out our Newsletters, and the Members Only INBC Facebook page.