Showcases & Conventions

2019 Summer Carnival Dinner Show Setup

Over the last decade, we have held two major events as our way of honoring our members by providing additional training opportunities, networking, and performance experiences. The Fall Carnival (formerly the Summer Carnival) and the Spring Bazaar (formerly the Winter Bazaar) brings together the best parts of being in the Collective.

The Spring Bazaar is our most attended event. Usually held in Indianapolis, this members showcase allows attendees to Meet the Board Members, and get to know about upcoming volunteer positions. Once there you can partake in lively performances from musicians, students, and teachers. It is encouraged to enjoy the many workshops, seminars, and specialty training found at various times throughout the facility. Plus, we have an open floor where you can shop, promote your business, sell items, or participate in our Shop-n-Swap members exchange at thrift store prices. To view the Performers’ Showcase from our 2021 online event, click: 2021 INBC Performers’ Showcase Playlist from our Youtube Channel or stay on our website and view the videos by clicking the Spring Bazaar header and link on this page. If you are not a member, you can sign up here: Join INBC!

The Fall Carnival is our annual fundraiser. It is a rotating (sometimes themed) convention that showcases a hosting member’s studio, club, and/or troupe. The host location moves each year across the state so that we can cater to our members throughout the Midwest who may not have the opportunity to attend the Spring Bazaar in Indianapolis.  

Registration is closed for the 2020. Thank you all who attended this amazing event. To watch the replay of the Virtual Hafla Shows click the banner below or visit:

Stay tuned to our Facebook pages for more info. Non-members: Indiana Bellydance Collective. Members: ISAMETD-INBC Members Only for updates on future dates, and events.

For regional events, Board Meetings, and member-hosted events & performances, visit our Calendar page.