Fall Carnival

Katie Bhairavi

Katie Bhairavi Marshall & Darshan Dance Company:

Katie Bhairavi is a Fusion dancer and Classical Odissi Dancer. She is the director of Darshan Dance Company. She dedicates her dance to the divine in sacred offering to helping and healing humanity through ritual performance.

A little over 5 years ago she founded Darshan Dance Company with a vision to deepen her relationship to dance and offering performance as healing. She has been dancing over 3 decades in various forms and also has professional experience in Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, and Jazz Dance in addition to the Fusions she is developing on Darshan Dance Company. She has also studied choreography, improvisational dance, African Dance, Hip Hop, pedagogy (or the art of teaching), has a degree in dance from University of Wyoming and also plays music and sings in several musical projects.

In addition to her career as a dancer and artist she is a studied Yogic practitioner of 20 years and has studied Yogic philosophy and meditation under Guru Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami for 11 years. This lead her to her Odissi training and interest in Indian Cultural Dance. She is a recognized student of esteemed Odissi Guru Srmt. Sujata Mohapatra. Locally in Colorado, she trains and performs with Guru Swagata Banerjee and Moksha Academy of Odissi Dance. Guru Swagata Banerjee is a devotee of Guru Srmt. Rina Jana whom Katie Bhairavi also trains with. Katie Bhairavi has been studying Odissi a little over 5 years. She is deeply dedicated to the classical traditions of Odissi and preserving Indian Culture as well as developing her own style of Indian Fusion. The stories and imagery of the Vedic knowledge continuously provides lifetimes of inspiration for creativity and choreography which she explores in Darshan Dance Companies productions.

Katie Bhairavi’s vision for Darshan Dance Company and community is to create a Fusion dance company who focus is their devotion and dedication to making the world a better place through the inspiration of their art.

To learn more about Katie Bhairavi & the Darshan Dance Company follow them on Facebook at: Darshan Dance Company

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