Adam Riviere / Playground Productions Studio

For Sale: darbukas, doumbeks, zils, frame drums (with or without jingles), tambourines, and various world percussion instruments

Services Offered:

  • Recording services and recording studio rental
  • Venue rental for arts & entertainment events
  • Room rentals for rehearsals, photo/video shoots, video production, workshops, and classes
  • School music and culture presentations in Indianapolis
  • Drum repair, maintenance, and tuning
  • CD/DVD Duplication and printing, and audio and data transfers from vintage technologies
  • Instrument lessons for 30+ instruments in 8 styles/cultures of music
  • Training in recording and editing software
  • Drum circle bookings
  • Live streaming (e.g. Zoom, YouTube, Facebook)
  • Music video and performance video production in-studio or on location

Contact Info:

Playground Productions Studio
5529 Bonna Ave Ste 10, Indianapolis, IN 46219

Phone: (317) 678-7529




Instagram: playgroundindy

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